Air Distribution Management & Fire Safety Products

Advanced Air has been manufacturing energy efficient air distribution and fire safety products for over 35 years, with a range of products including Fan Coil Units, Air Diffusers, VAV Systems, Fire and Smoke Dampers and more, designed and manufactured in the UK.

We have over 35 years in the air distribution industry, manufacturing and provide performance guaranteed energy-efficient air distribution and management products. Our range includes Fan Coil Units, Air Diffusers, Grilles and Louvres and VAV Units.

Our range of fire safety products includes Fire & Smoke Dampers, Volume Control Dampers, Control Panel Systems and Adjustable Framing Systems.

Fire damper installation courses

Due to popular demand, we now offer installation training courses for our fire dampers

DoPs, CCPs and install manuals

Latest Declaration of Performance for all fire and smoke dampers plus detailed as tested installation guides

Employee Intranet

Our employees can login to the Advanced Air intranet called the Pulse to find out news, information and useful resources