2000 Series Volume Control Damper

The 2000 series is a low leakage damper consisting of various types:

Electrical Release Fire Smoke Dampers

Quick and easy maintenance and control. Units include a control box that connects the actuator to an electrical thermal fuse where the power is cut to the actuator when 74 degrees Celsius is reached.

Hand Control Fire Smoke Dampers

These units are effectively a fire dampner with a hand control to reset. The damper is held in the open position by a locking mechanism that incorporates a fusible link set to 74 degrees Celsius. When the fusible links breaks, the dampner closes.

Mechanical Release Fire Smoke Dampers

Relies on the actuator to open and close the dampner. Designed with a mechanical override so that when duct temperature reaches 74 degrees Celsius a fusible link breaks the connection (actuator and dampner) and the blades slam shut via a built-in spring.

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