Electric Duct Heater

Temperatures suited to business operations and people are crucial for health, comfort, products and processes.

VEAB are the leading developer ofheating equipment for ventilation in Sweden.  The company’s duct heaters and heat exchangers are renowned throughout Europe for excellent technological performance, maximum efficiency and the highest standards of electrical safety.

Advanced Air now offer you VEAB’s unique technology - in the UK

Product Information

VEAB type CV duct heaters are used extensively whenever heating is required in ventilation systems utilising circular ducting.

‘ As a re-heater for a ventilation heat exchanger with heat recycling.

‘ As a re-heater for rooms requiring a higher than normal inlet air temperature

‘ As a re-heater for single rooms that require individual temperature control

‘ CV duct heaters can also be designed to cover transmission losses in a room/house and can therefore supply the whole heating energy required, assuming the ventilation system is correctly dimensioned.

‘ On the input side of a heatpump or heat exchanger recycling unit, a CV duct heater is sometimes required to ensure satisfactory operation when the outdoor air temperature is low.

‘ A CV duct heater can also be designed to raise the air temperature from the outdoor level to a suitable air inlet temperature.  In this case the CVheater simply functions as an input air heater unit together with a duct fan.

The outer casing is manufactured of hot-dipped galvanised steel sheet and the heater element of stainless steel SS 2337.

The heater is connected electrically via terminals housed in an electric connection box.  The heater is connected to thecircular ducting by inserting the ducts into the heater in accordance with standard SS 827206.  The electrical protection class is IP43.

The CV range complies with the requirements in the low voltage directive LVD 72/73/EEC and fulfils the requirements for the applicable European EMC standards EN 50081-1 and EN 50082-1.

The CV range is also CE marked.  All the CV duct heaters described in this brochure are tested and approved by SEMKO in accordance with SEMKO 111 FA-1982 Nordic testing.

The CV heaters can be installed in both horizontal and vertical ducting.  Heaters with power ratings up to 2.1 kW can be installed with the electrical connection box upwards, sideways, or downwards.  Heaters with power rating from 3.0 to 9.0 kW can be installed with the connection box upwards, or within 90 degrees sideways, but not downwards.