VAV Units

VAV units, or Variable Air Volume systems, supply constant temperature air to an area while the volume of air varies as opposed to a conventional HVAC system which has constant volume and varies the air temperature.

Our Variable Air Volume systems are available as a single duct terminal for cooling only or a fan powered terminal for cooling and heating.

Following extensive research on VAV systems involving design engineers and contractors, we have produced a range of fan powered terminal units.

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Model 35SST VAV

Model 35SST Stealth Super Quiet Fan Powered Terminal Unit VAV - The Model 35SST ‘STEALTH’ has been especially designed for the most demanding applications where premium quality design and performance characteristics are desired.

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Model D3000 Single Duct VAV

Model D3000 Single Duct Terminal Unit VAV Models: 3001 Cooling or Heating only 30RW Cooling with Hot Water Re-heat 30RE Cooling with Electric Re-heat

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Model D3200 Dual Duct VAV

Model D3200 Dual Duct Terminal Unit VAV

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Model 35S VAV

The Model 35S provides many standard design features and superior sound performance when compared with other basic model designs. The 35S offers a compact and economical design well suited to the majority of applications.

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