Perforated Grille

The Advanced Air Model Series 51PR Perforated Return Grilles are medium capacity return or exhaust outlets. The perforated cores have 5mm diameter staggered holes on 6mm centres, providing 51% free area. Their design is clean and unobtrusive, providing the uncluttered appearance preferred by many architects and a face that is easy to maintain and clean.

Models are available to suit both lay-in T-Bar openings in suspended ceiling systems and overlap openings in hard walls and ceilings.

Frame/Border Type S Surface Mount – This style has a flanged frame with an overall face dimension that is 44mm larger than the listed duct size. It is supplied as standard with countersunk screw holes and mounting screws.

Frame/Border Type L Lay-in T-Bar – This style is similar to above, but is sized on the overall face dimension to suit standard lay-in T-Bar ceiling modules and is supplied less screw holes. It is the model of choice for ducted return air applications. The nominal duct size is 50mm smaller than the ceiling module. When installed, the frame/border is partially visible within the perimeter of the ceiling opening and provides a visually appealing architectural finish.

Product Information

  • Available in aluminium construction with extruded frames.
  • Frames are staked and mechanically interlocked to provide reinforced mitred corners.
  • Integral dampers – aluminium, Opposed blade design with a screwdriver slot operator.

AW Appliance White polyester powder finish RAL 9010 semi-gloss is standard.

Other finishes are available.

30mm face border with a 25mm overlap margin as standard, supplied with countersunk screw holes and mounting screws.

Available in sizes from 150mm x 100mm to 1200mm x 600mm