Linear Bar Grille

The Model Series 4900 Linear Bar Grilles have been specially designed to provide the precision quality appearance required for architectural excellence with crisply sculptured styling, careful workmanship and effective air distribution.

The Series 4900 Linear Bar Grilles are designed for heating and cooling applications, supply and return.

The grilles are manufactured with precision mitred corners to maximise quality.

Product Information

  • Fixed Bars
  • Aluminium Construction
  • Deflection bars are fixed and are parallel to the long dimension.
  • Available in 7 core styles and a variety of frame and sub-frame options.
  • Diffusers are supplied in lengths of up to 1800mm in a single section.
  • Standard incremental units of length are 300, 600, 900, 1200, 1500 and 1800. However, the 4900 Series is available in any nominal length to suit engineering and architectural requirements.
  • Ideal for continuous length applications.
  • Multiple-sections are supplied with alignment strips on the frame and sub-frame to provide superior, positive site alignment.
  • End caps are staked and mitred for a superior quality appearance.
  • Standard duty models are available for ceiling, wall or sill installations. Heavy duty models are designed specifically for use in floor installations.


  • Aluminium opposed blade damper (add suffix 'OA').
  • DV Rear directional control vanes.
  • MC Mitred Corner Sections.
  • AD Access Doors.
  • BO Blanking Plates

Material: Extruded aluminium.

Finish: AW Appliance White polyester powder finish RAL 9010 semi-gloss.

Other finishes are available.


13mm Bar Spacing

49-240 • 6mm Bars • 0° Deflection • Pencil-Proof

49-241 • 6mm Bars • 15° Deflection • Pencil-Proof

49-243 • 6mm Bars • 30° Deflection • Pencil-Proof

49-280 • 3mm Bars • 0° Deflection

49-281 • 3mm Bars • 15° Deflection

6mm Bar Spacing

49-480 • 3mm Bars • 0° Deflection

49-481 • 3mm Bars • 15° Deflection