Filter Return Grille

The Advanced Air Model Series 51F Filter Return Grilles are a convenient and economical means of filtering primary return air locally. They are especially suited to recirculating air systems such as fan powered terminal units, fan coils and heat pumps. Theyhave been designed to match and compliment their respective base models in appearance.

Product Information

  • Accommodates 25mm standard filter.
  • Available with fixed blade, eggcrate or perforated core styles.
  • Type S Surface Mount. Installed with colour matched Ø38mm screws or sheet metal screws (or similar by others) through the neck of the outer frame. Provides an aesthetically clean visual appearance. Type A countersunk screw holes are an available option.
  • Type L Lay-in T-Bar.
  • Frames and sub-frames are mechanically interlocked with reinforced mitred corners.
  • Inner core is hinged on one side and secured on the opposite side with convenient 1/4 turn fasteners.
  • Accepts standard 25mm thick, throw-away type filters (by others).

Selection Guide:

51FBS45 Fixed 45° Deflection, 19mm Spacing, Surface Mount

51FBL45 Fixed 45° Deflection, 19mm Spacing, Lay-in T-bar

51FBSS Fixed 0° Deflection, 19mm Spacing, Surface Mount

51FBLS Fixed 0° Deflection, 19mm Spacing, Lay-in T-bar

51FES Eggcrate Grid Core, Surface Mount

51FEL Eggcrate Grid Core, Lay-in T-bar

51FPS Perforated Face Core, Surface Mount

51FPL Perforated Face Core, Lay-in T-bar


Extruded aluminium


AW Appliance White polyester powder finish RAL9010 semigloss is standard. Other finishes are available.