External Louvre

1600 Series

The Advanced Air 1600 Series is an architecturally styled louvre designed with smooth, clean lines that visually compliment any structure’s exterior styling. It is ideal for use in both standard and thin wall applications or a/c units. Suitable for use in exhaust and low to medium velocity intake applications, the J-style blade design features a rear water baffle and provides good protection against general weather conditions, with low pressure drop characteristics. Reinforcing bosses run the full length of each blade for superior strength. Available with flanged or recessed frames, the 1600 series design is styled to please and engineered to perform.

Product Information

  • Standard Blade Style
  • Weather Resistant
  • Clean Architectural Appearance
  • Extruded Aluminium

Features & Benefits of Advanced Air Louvres:

  • Extruded aluminium blades and frames for high durability and quality fit and finish.
  • Reinforcing bosses run the full length of each blade for superior strength.
  • Low pressure drop characteristics require less fan energy and contribute to efficient system operation.
  • Selection of finishes.
  • Bird Mesh fitted as standard, Insect mesh optional.
  • Flange frame and recessed frame options.
  • Available in multi section modules for site assembly giving continuous blade appearance.

1600 Series Construction:


Type 6063-T6 extruded aluminium.

Nominal wall thickness Model 1638: 1.3mm 

Model 1650: 1.6mm

Model 1675: 1.8mm


Type 6063-T6 extruded aluminium.

Nominal wall thickness Model 1638: 1.3mm

Model 1650: 1.4mm

Model 1675: 1.6mm


Blade Angle: 45 degrees.

Blade Spacing:

Model 1638: 38mm

Model 1650: 50mm

Model 1675: 75mm

Blade Support


On models 1650 and 1675 only, Concealed type, factory installed on rear of louvre on maximum 1000mm centres.

Reinforced with extruded mullion. 


Concealed architectural type. 


13mm x 13mm x 1.0mm ga. galvanised bird screen.


Mill. Special Finishes are available

Minimum Size:

Model 1638: 100mm wide x 100mm high

Model 1650,1675: 200mm wide x 200mm high.

Maximum Size:

Model 1638: 1000mm wide x 1000mm High

Model 1650, 1675: 2000mm wide x 2000mm high.

Larger sizes will be manufactured in sections with hiddenarchitectural style rear mullions for assembly in the site.