Fire & Smoke Dampers

Advanced Air (UK) Ltd have been manufacturing a comprehensive range of fire dampers and fire smoke dampers since 1975. We have always taken pride in our products and tested to the highest standards, originally to BS476 and now more stringent testing to CE labelling under the Construction Product Regulation which was introduced 1st July 2013.

All our fire, fire smoke and smoke control dampers have been tested to BS EN 1366-2 with the smoke damper tested to BS EN 1366-10 in wall and induct. This is to cover a variety of installations used on sites today. Under CE labelling all dampers must follow the Product Standards BS EN 15650 and BS EN 12101-8 which ensures the product is consistent and supplied to the same specification and standard as tested. Any deviation or changes from the installations in this manual would require the dampers to be subject to a new test or approval sought from Local Building Control.

For more friendly and professional advice on fire dampers or smoke dampers, please get in touch via our contact us page or give us a call on 01842 765657.

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0160 Curtain Fire Damper

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0400 Fire / Fire & Smoke Damper

Circular single blade fire damper resettable from the outside with volume control feature

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2530 Electrical Release Fire Smoke Damper

The model 2530 is designed to close and stay closed in a fire situation creating a 2 hour fire rated barrier to stop the spread of fire, smoke and toxic fumes.

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26SCD Smoke Damper

26SCD Meets the Product Standard BS EN 12101-8 tested to 1366-10 duct mounted and wall installation for Multi Compartments being Automatic Activation smoke control systems

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0800 Series Access Door

Access Doors The standard duct access door sizes have been selected after careful study of the needs of site engineering and personnel. Each door allow a different degree of access, enabling the most appropriate unit to be specified

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