Fire & Smoke Dampers

Due to the many requirements of smoke control in building designs, this has required the fire smoke dampers to perform different functions which has led us to develop our range into three sections. Each of these three dampers has been crafted to optimise the ventilating systems and air conditioning in the environment in which they are placed within.

Fire Dampers, Smoke Dampers & High-Temperature Dampers

Our smoke dampers are used to manage smoke only, whilst our intumescent fire smoke dampers also manage fire and are designed to close when the temperature reaches 74°c. The High-temperature damper operates continuously at 300°c for up to 2 hours.

All our intumescent fire dampers and smoke dampers are designed for application in ventilating systems and air conditioning systems where the air way is normally clean and the temperature and humidity are controlled. They have been independently tested and witnessed by the Building Research Establishment (BRE).

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0160 Curtain Fire Damper

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1220 UL Specification Fire Smoke Dampers

Airfoil Blade Fire Smoke Damper

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2530 Electrical Release Fire Smoke Damper

The model 2530 is designed to close and stay closed in a fire situation creating a 4 hour fire rated barrier to stop the spread of fire, smoke and toxic fumes.

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2550 - Fire Smoke Damper

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26SCD Smoke Damper

26SCD Meets the Product Standard BS EN 12101-8

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0800 Series Access Door

Access Doors The standard duct access door sizes have been selected after careful study of the needs of site engineering and personnel. Each door allow a different degree of access, enabling the most appropriate unit to be specified

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