Fire Safety & Protection

Leading Experts in Fire Safety & Protection

Advanced Air are market leaders in Fire Safety & Protection, offering a comprehensive range of systems and products to protect your premises and staff including Fire & Smoke Dampers, Volume Control Dampers, Control Panel Systems and Adjustable Framing Systems.

Our products are manufactured to the highest standard, and meet the demands of the UL 555S and BS EN 1366 fire tests.

A Range of Dampers to Suit Your Needs

We have a range of Low Leakage Fire & Smoke Dampers with release mechanisms to suit all requirements across the Smoke, Fire Smoke and High Temperature spectrum, offering flexible integration capability with a wide range of actuators.

Advanced Benefits to Our Systems

Our Damper Control Systems, which feature bi-directional communication capability, enable manual and automatic control and monitoring of the full range of Fire/Smoke dampers independently from other systems, giving Facilities and Operations Managers peace of mind at all times.

Additionally, our Volume Control and Framing Systems allow for balance and control of air flow through ducts, walls and floors with simple wall and floor installation capability.

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Fire & Smoke Dampers

Our smoke dampers are used to manage smoke only, whilst our fire smoke dampers also manage fire and are designed to close when the temperature reaches 74°c.

Volume Control Dampers

Our range of volume control dampers are designed to balance and control air flow through the ducts, walls and floors. A slimline volume control damper is also available...

Control Panel Systems

We offer two types of damper control panel systems, an addressable system and a hard-wired control panel.

Framing System

Our AFS, Adjustable Framing System, allows for simple damper installation for walls or floor, reducing variation and coordination issues. Fully compliant to CE labelling under the Construction Product Regulations...