Flowline High Capacity Linear Slot Diffuser Plenum

The Advanced Air FLP Series engineered plenum boots are designed specifically for the FLH and FLV Series FlowLine™ Linear slot diffuser. These plenums are factory fabricated and tested to provide the engineer with proven catalogue performance and the installing contractor with a labour saving, cost effective unit that provides for a fast correct fit and easy on-site installation.

FLP Series plenums are shipped loose from the factory. Uninsulated and insulated versions are available. FLP Series plenums are available in two basic styles to suit the installation method. A straight leg version with spring clips is supplied for direct attachment to the FlowLine™ linear slot diffuser neck. The diffuser and plenum are installed and attached directly to the ceiling structure prior to installation of the drywall or acoustic suspension ceiling and tiles.

Plenums are supplied as standard with hanger tabs. A hemmed leg version is available when it is desired to install the FlowLine™ diffuser after the hard gypsum board/drywall ceiling. The diffuser requires a frame/border style which includes a factory supplied concealed mounting bracket. The diffuser simply slides up through the ceiling opening until the mounting straps locate in the hem and is then secured through the slot face using the fastening screws supplied.

Product Information

  • Supply Air Engineered Plenums For Flowline™ Linear Slot Diffusers Adds internal insulaton


FLP(I)10  25mm Slot  

FLP(I)15  38mm Slot  

FLP(I)20  51mm Slot  

FLP(I)25  64mm Slot  

FLP(I)30  76mm Slot  

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