Damper Control Panel Systems

We offer two types of damper control panel systems – an addressable system and a hard-wired control panel. 

System 42 is an intelligent damper control and monitoring system, capable of monitoring and controlling over 500 fire and smoke dampers per panel. The straightforward design with LCD screen is user-friendly, provides live damper status and allows easy testing and maintenance checks.

System 32 and System 32S is based on the high performance System 42, but engineered to suit smaller applications of up to 300 fire and smoke dampers.

For monitoring between 1-6 dampers, we offer the Mini Panel.

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Control Panel System 32 & System 32S

Addressable panels to control up to 200 (32) or 300 (32S) fire and smoke dampers

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Control Panel System 42

The Control Panel System 42 is suitable for projects where the client wants to control the Fire/Smoke dampers from more than 8one location and minimises cable installation cost by reducing the necessity to run all of the control loops back to one main

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Control Panel System 10

Hard Wired Control Panel

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Control Panel System 11

The Advanced Air Control Panel System 11 are bespoke manufactured to suit specific customer requirements.

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Mini Panel

Local Control & Indication Panel

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