Air Distribution

We bring over 35 years in the air distribution industry, manufacturing and providing performance guaranteed energy-efficient air distribution and management products, including Fan Coil Units, Air Diffusers, Grilles and Louvres and VAV Units.

Our products feature architectural styling to suit your building’s aesthetics, high-quality construction in a range of finishes to suit the specific needs of the application, and flexible functionality to ensure air pattern versatility where required.

Advanced Air’s VAV Terminal Units offer a variety of Single and Dual Duct units for variable air volume systems, as well as a range of Fan Powered Units that use brush-less DC motors for improved energy efficiency and simpler commissioning.

For friendly and professional advice on any of our air distribution products, please get in touch via our contact us page or give us a call on 01842 765657.

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Fan Coil Units

Our fan coil units are designed to be energy efficient, offer lower noise levels with slower speed fans and produce constant air volume which is easily achieved. Whether you are looking for a horizontal or vertically mounted fan deck, our fan coil...

Air Diffusers

Whether you are looking for ceiling diffusers, linear diffusers, slot diffusers or floor diffusers; we offer a wide range of quality assured diffuser products in a choice of models, styles and sizes. With superior finishes in premium quality aluminium or...

Grilles and Louvres

Designed to meet the demand for high quality at competitive prices our air vent grilles and louvres are constructed to be unobtrusive in appearance for architectural excellence. We offer a large selection of models, styles and sizes for ceilings grilles...

VAV Units

VAV units, or Variable Air Volume systems, supply constant temperature air to an area while the volume of air varies as opposed to a conventional HVAC system which has constant volume and varies the air temperature. Our Variable Air...