Twister TWS

Advance air's new range of high performance TWS ceiling swirl diffusers have been designed to delver the high air change rates required to meet the demand of high loads. The circular pattern of the deflection vanes, creates an effective swirl motion that has excellent entrainment and provides the highest level of occupancy comfort.

Product Information

High air volume capability


Available with top or side entry plenum

Low noise level

Attractive appearance with a flat blade design

Specal face sizes available on request


All units are constructed from steel with PVC components and are available with a matching range of top or side entry plenum boxes. Volume control can be achieved with a damper mounted within the plenum inlet spigot.

Range & Air Patterns: 

Swirl diffusers are available in five standard ceiling module sizes (300, 400, 500 and 600) as per dimensional table. Custom sizes are also available. The blades have been designed so they can be removed and reset in the opposite position. This allows the air pattern to be changed for example if the diffuser is positioned close to a wall.

Plenum Boxes: 

The plenum boxes for supply diffusers are supplied with a perforated plate to ensure an even airflow across the diffuser blades. There is the option of top entry or side entry spigots which can be supplied with an optional volume control damper with a hand locking quadrant or cord operated that can be adjusted through the diffuser blades.


The standard diffuser finish is Polyester Powder White RAL 9010 semi-gloss with matt black deflection blades. Other panel colours are available on request as well as the option of white deflection blades.


The tabulated performance data for each listed size of diffuser is based on cooling and heating applications. Pressure drop is stated in Pascal's (N/m2). Throws stated are to a terminal velocity of 0.5m/s and used as a maximum value will give a velocity of less than 0.25m/s within the occupied space. Noise Levels are based on the peak values on NR curves.

Available in 5 sizes