Model 35SST VAV


35SST Cooling Only

35SEST Electric Heat

35SWST Hot Water Heat


The recommended airflow ranges below are for terminal units with pressure independent controls.  For a given unit size, the minimum and the maximum flow settings must be within the range limits to ensure pressure independent operation, accuracy and repeatability. For these reasons, factory settings will not be made outside these ranges. A minimum setting of zero (shut-off) is also available. 

When digital or other controls are factory mounted, but supplied by others, these values are guidelines only, based upon experience with the majority of controls currently available. Controls supplied by others for factory mounting are configured and calibrated in the field.

For a detailed analysis of fan powered terminal selection procedures with working examples, consult theengineering section of this catalogue

Product Information

  • Unique 18swg (1.2mm thick) galvanised steel channel space frame construction provides extreme rigidity and 18 swg casing components.
  • 18swg (1.2mm thick) galvanised steel inclined opposed blade primary air damper operating on a 45° arc.
  • STEALTH design technology provides significant reductions in radiated sound levels
  • Unique perforated baffle on primary air discharge optimises mixing with induced air for rapid and effective temperature equalisation. The baffle also converts low frequency primary air damper generated sound into more readily attenuated higher frequencies.
  • Pressure independent primary airflow control.
  • Multi-point averaging flow sensor.
  • Terminal may be field installed either way up, providing the additional flexibility of right or left field connections.
  • Access panels on three sides of terminal for ease of maintenance and service to motor and fan from below or from the side of unit.
  • Energy saving Nailor EPIC fan technology
  • Motor fan assembly mounted on special 16swg. (1.6mm thick) angles and isolated from casing with rubber isolators.
  • Removable door on controls enclosure.
  • Acoustic/thermal lining - the terminal is internally lined with a 25mm thick acoustic/thermally insulating foam which is Melamine based opencellular construction, having a nonwoven black tissue facing and complying with class O fire rating.  This material is adhered to all internal surfaces and inside box/channel sections.
  • Available with electric or hot water supplementary heat.
  • All controls are mounted on exterior of terminal providing ready access for field adjustment.
  • Each terminal factory tested prior to shipment.
  • Single point electrical connections.
  • Discharge opening designed for flanged duct connection.
  • Analogue electronic controls. Factory supplied, mounted and calibrated.
  • Digital controls. Factory mounting and wiring of DDC controls supplied by BMS Controls Manufacturers

Secondary Attenuators:

All Nailor terminal units are available with attached secondary attenuators


Manufactured from 18 swg. (1.2mm thick) folded Galvanised Mild Steel sheet, formed into a rectangular casing, all longitudinal casing joints are mechanically sealed.


Intake and discharges incorporate rectangular flanges, which are mechanically fixed to the main body of the attenuator.


Arranged within the casing are vertical attenuating splitter sections manufactured from 21swg. (0.8mm thick) galvanised mild steel, fixed to the casing by rivets. Splitters are fitted at inlet and discharge with aerodynamically shaped bullnose fairings. Splitters are fitted with 22 swg. (0.7mm thick) expanded or perforated metal facings. Horizontal splitters are also available if required.

Acoustic infill:

Splitters and side linings are filled with an inert, non combustible, non hygroscopic, vermin and rot proof mineral fibre slab which will not support bacterial growth. Usually faced with a glass fibre tissue (FB), however hermetically sealed Melinex membrane bags (FG) are available wherever indoor air quality conditions demand.