Linear Slot Diffuser Plenum 5000 Series

Linear Slot Diffuser Plenum 5000 Series

Linear type diffusers and grilles have been developed to satisfy architectural and engineering applications that require a continuous length appearance, aesthetically pleasing design and high engineering performance with premium quality aluminium products. 

The Advanced Air 5000 Series Diffuser Plenums are designed specifically to fit the Series 5000 'Ice Tong Linear Slot Diffusers.

The Series 5000 Plenums save on-site fabrication and site labour. When room lay-out changes occur, the plenums can be simply relocated to satisfy the re-arrangement of air distribution requirements.

The Series 5000 Plenums maximise the Series 5000's performance. The airflow discharge maintains a horizontal pattern that is close and tight to the ceiling throughout the full range of catalogued air volumes. Excellent for variable air volume applications.


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