Flowline High Capacity Linear Slot Diffuser

FlowLine™ is a custom architectural linear slot diffuser system designed to integrate and blend supply and return air openings harmoniously into interior commercial building designs. The flexibility of FlowLine™ provides design and application possibilities that are limited only by your imagination. FlowLine™ can blend or contrast as you integrate it into either ceiling or sidewall applications. FlowLine™ linear may be used to either inconspicuously hide the air distribution system or conversely it may be used as a contrasting, architectural design element, using straight lines and/or curves to enhance the interior of a building.

Whether you require straight lines, mitred angles or smooth curves, Advanced Air can custom fabricate FlowLine™ to meet your most demanding architectural and engineering performance requirements. FlowLine™ can be custom curved in any plane to suit architectural requirements. Flat face radiuses for ceilings and concave or convex curving for sidewall applications are available to special order. FlowLine™ is fabricated using sturdy heavy wall aluminium extrusions. A variety of frame/border styles and associated mounting hardware allows FlowLine™ to be installed either during or after ceiling installation. In acoustical suspension ceiling systems using continuous runs, the FlowLine™ system is installed at the same time as the ceiling grid and becomes an integral part of the ceiling assembly.

FlowLine™ linear is available in five slot widths providing a much higher air volume capability than conventional multiple slot linear designs, which are more visible. A two slot option is also available for even higher capacities. Engineered for outstanding performance, FlowLine™ can provide higher airflows at lower noise levels than traditional linear slot designs, making it an ideal solution for high profile architectural projects.

FlowLine™ is available in two air pattern controller designs. The FLH Series features adjustable horizontal high throw pattern controllers for ceiling applications. The FLV Series features adjustable vertical jet pattern controllers for high ceiling and sidewall applications.

Product Information

  • High capacity single linear slot diffuser available in five slot widths, offering an attractive alternative to traditional multi-slot designs. Available slot widths are 25mm, 38mm, 51mm, 64mm and 76mm. A two slot option is also available.
  • Comprehensive selection of frame/border styles and mounting hardware to suit any installation. 
  • Choice of FLH Series Horizontal or FLV Series Vertical Pattern Controllers. May be combined within a single system.
  • Custom curving availability to meet specific design requirements, provides architectural appeal. 
  • Heavy wall extruded aluminium construction permits support and full integration with ceiling system.
  • Mitred end borders are available which maximise aesthetic appeal.
  • Available in single sections up to 1800mm in length. Longer lengths are supplied in multiple sections with alignment strips for on-site assembly.
  • High performance design is ideally suited to VAV systems, both heating and cooling.
  • Custom colours are available.

FLH Series:

Designed primarily for continuous linear slot ceiling applications requiring horizontal air patterns. Tight, high induction air pattern maximises coanda effect under a wide range of airflow volumes for maximum occupant comfort. Typical applications would include open office perimeter zones, entrance foyers and lobbies, office entrance atriums and conference meeting rooms.
Adjustable Dual Pattern Controllers

Horizontal High Throw Series:

Pattern controllers provide 180O directional control; left or right horizontal throw, angular discharge, volume control and shut-off capability.

FLV Series:

Designed primarily for continuous linear slot ceiling applications requiring an adjustable extended throw vertical air pattern. Typical applications would include perimeter glass curtain walls and high bays for heated and/or cooled air, which may be directed downwards, terminating at the floor at a comfortable velocity. Also suitable for interior zones with high ceilings, such as entrance foyers and lobbies, office entrance atriums and theatres.

This linear slot diffuser model may also be used in high sidewall applications with long throw requirements.

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