Double Deflection Grille

Models 51DV and 51DH Double Deflection Grilles are recommended for application in systems requiring maximum flexibility.

The front set of blades has the greatest effect on the air pattern and therefore should be selected based on particular requirements. 

Vertical front blades will control the spread and throw distance of the air pattern where as horizontal front blades will control the rise and drop of the air pattern, typically directing warm air downwards or cool air upwards along the ceiling.

The combination of streamlined ‘teardrop’ shaped blades and 19mm spacing maintains a high effective free area average capacity of 75%, which minimises outlet velocity, reduces pressure drop and assures quiet operation

Product Information

  • High quality, extruded aluminium construction.
  • 30mm wide face border with a 25mm overlap margin standard, supplied with countersunk screw holes and mounting screws. NF Narrow Frame with 25mm face border optional. Concealed mounting is optional.
  • Rigid extruded aluminium frames with reinforced mitred corners.
  • Blades positively hold deflection setting under all conditions of velocity and pressure.
  • Integral dampers - aluminium. Opposed blade design with a screwdriver slot operator.
  • Adjustable air pattern - Blades are friction pivoted and easily adjusted to provide desired spread or deflection.

Streamlined shaped extruded blades on 19mm centres. 

AW Appliance White polyester powder finish RAL 9010 semi-gloss is standard. Other finishes are available.

Standard sizes are available from 100mm x 100mm to 1200mm x 1200mm in single section construction.

Other sizes, including multiple section assemblies, are available on request but are subject to manufacturing limitations.