Curved Blade Grille

The Advanced Air Model Series 51C Curved Blade Grilles are designed to meet the demand for top quality and competitive prices. The grilles are carefully constructed to be unobtrusive in appearance for architectural excellence. The grilles may be used in ceiling and also side wall applications. They are suitable for Variable Air Volume Systems.

The Model Series 51CD incorporate a set of rear vanes that are individually adjustable for complete directional control and flow equalization.

Product Information

  • Blades are formed to an engineered contoured cross-section. Both ends of each blade are mounted in friction pivots to allow individual blade adjustment without loosening or clattering.
  • Adjustable Pattern - the grille blades are easily adjustable to provide a horizontal one-way, two-way, three-way or four-way air path from a ceiling location. A full down-blow position is also available as required.
  • Optional opposed blade damper has a screwdriver slot operator for adjustment through the face of the grille.
  • Screw holes in the frame are counter­sunk for neat appearance (standard). 38mm long oval-head screws, painted to match grille, are supplied.
  • Concealed mountings are available (option).

Extruded aluminium

AW Appliance White polyester powder finish RAL 9010 semi-gloss.
Special finishes are available.