Control Panel System 32 & System 32S

Our System 32 and System 32S control panels have been designed around the core technology of our first class System 42, but have been streamlined to suit smaller projects of up to 200 dampers (32) or 300 dampers (32S). System 32 and System 32S protect lives by responding instantly in different scenarios, controlling fire and smoke dampers to their alarm position thereby preventing the spread of fire and smoke also allowing smoke extraction from the zone of the alarm.

These control panels are connected to the dampers by means of an intelligent decoder that monitors the damper status at all times. The decoders can be simple open or closed and can be supplied pre-programmed or programmed through the control panel.

  • Protects life and property by responding instantly to an alarm. 
  • Controls up to 200 dampers (System 32) or 300 dampers (System 32S) across a maximum of 4 loops.
  • Up to 24 zone alarms (System 32) or 48 (System 32S) allowing compartmentalisation reducing the spread of smoke and fire. 
  • Performing to the Cause and Effect design, controlling the smoke dampers and fans to create pressurisation and smoke extract. 
  • Allows changes to the damper performance to the cause and effect at the damper or control panel. 
  • Our software and design team can support simple or complex control. 
  • BMS Connection RS485 Modbus RTU. 
  • Alarm overrides available but key activated.

SPF Efficiency Information

Advanced Air damper control systems have been, and continue to be used, on a variety of different projects, including extensively on both new build and refurbishment Hospital projects.

When using the Advanced Air addressable System 32 or System 32S, you can be assured that with its true bi-directional communication, control and monitoring of the installed equipment can be achieved at all times. Maintenance or replacement of any damper or fan decoder is quick and simple. By using a ‘plug and play’ method, replacement decoders can be sent to site pre-programmed for installation by the Hospitals maintenance team. Eliminating the need for costly engineering visits.

A full technical description of the system components and requirements is available separately.

Technical Advice

For further details and guidance on designing a system incorporating an Advanced Air addressable control panel and network, please contact the Projects Department.

LCD screen display.

Screen size is 122mm x 92mm

Main Control Panel

The main standard panel is 475mm wide x 300mm high x 200mm deep, constructed from galvanised mild steel with a textured polyester powder finish.

The panel has a lockable front door and comes as a surface enclosure complete with flush mounting kit for optional on-site installation.


The decoders are supplied as a small plastic box, 255mm wide x 180mm high x 63mm deep. One of many connected in a loop in the system. The decoder controls the status of dampers or fans.

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