Control Panel System 10

On a number of projects the installation of Fire/ Smoke dampers is only small or the control required is of a less complex nature. When this happens an addressable system may not be the best option. In these cases Advanced Air have developed a comprehensive range of hard wired control panels.

The general cut off point for using an addressable system or hard wired (electro-mechanical)l panels is around the 35-45 dampers. This would greatly depend on site conditions, installation cost, position of the panel and the complexity of the control.

A basic or entry level panel designed to control and monitor either 24v or 230v dampers manufactured in four sizes. 12, 24, 36 and 48 . Dampers are controlled and monitored in groups of 12 each group being controlled via an external fire zone or override. All dampers are individually indicated and show both open and closed status.

Each of the system 10 control panels provides a volt free contact to interface with a BMS, to show the panel is in alarm or fault condition.

Product Information

  • Modular options available
  • Bespoke systems to suit customer requirements.
  • Value Engineered Options

The design of Advanced Air panels allows the relevant sections of the British Standards to control smoke in buildings if a fire occurs, to be addressed. The applicable parts of the British Standards for control panels are taken into account together with conformity to the current EMC regulations.

System Design

The system consists of the following main components:

- Main Control Panel(s)

- Motorised dampers

System Options

All Advanced Air Hard wired Damper Control Panels come with a variety of options which include but are not limited to:

- BMS monitoring

- Remote mimic panels

- Fan control

- Remote hard wire Firemans switches.

Further Technical Details

A full technical description of the system components and requirements is available separately.

Various size options are available to suit the individual project. Please contact us for more details