2530 Electrical Release Fire Smoke Damper

The model 2530 is designed to prevent the spread of fire and smoke through ventilation ductwork in walls and floors. When power to the damper actuator is removed, the actuator spring is released which closes the fire smoke damper.

Advanced Air 2530 dampers are tested to BS EN 1366-2, BS EN15650 and BS ISO 10294-4. They are then classified to BS EN 13501-3 so that the performance can be certified. The 2530 is certified in different wall types for 1 hour and 2 hours whilst also being tested in non standard walls such as shaft wall in both directions.

The fire smoke damper is supplied complete with an actuator prewired to a junction box mounted on the spigot side that is 150mm long. There is a button on the external of thermal release that allows checking the actuator operation. 

A multi-section dampers can be supplied for wall mounting but only supplied as one piece but each section will have one actuator. Following the testing there is no limit to the size only the safety of handling and that the proposed installation has to be checked and certified by a fire structural engineer. 



Material Specification

Blades: Double Skin 1.0mm galvanised mild steel as standard, Double skin 1.0 grade 430 stainless steel optional

Frame: 1.6mmm galvanised mild steel standard, 1.6mm grade 430 stainless steel optional

Frame Corners: Die formed corner channels, button locked for strength and rigidity

Casings: 1.2mm galvanised mild steel standard 1.2mm grade 430 stainless steel optional

Casing corners: Welded mitre corners finished with aluminium aerosol spray.

Linkage: External linkage. Enclosed within the frame and out of air stream. Zinc electroplated mild steel.

Bearings: Oil filled sintered bronze up to 200 degrees C

Axles: 12.7mm diameter zinc electroplated mild steel bolted directly through the blade

Jack Shaft: Zinc electroplated mild steel

Top, bottom and side jamb seals: Cambered grade 301 stainless steel

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