1000 Series Control Smoke & Balancing Damper

The Advanced Air Universal range of control dampers is designed to balance and/or control air flow through ducts, walls and floors, and may also be used to restrict the spread of smoke through a building. The range incorporates features required by specifiers, contractors and fire authorities, and embodies the combined experience of Nailor Industries Inc. (Canada and United States of America) and Advanced Air (UK) Limited, in design, manufacture, sales and service of dampers.

The Universal range is robustly constructed in all galvanised steel, with options of stainless steel blades, or stainless steel blades and casing (430 Grade).  There are models suitable for low, medium and high pressure applications, with a variety of sealing options.

Dampers are supplied with flanged, spigotted, wall or sleeve mounting, and either manual or motorised (electric or pneumatic) control is available, as required.

Standard blade format is the aerodynamically designed ribbed blade (1000 Series),  with an airfoil blade option (1100 Series).

Whatever your application, Advanced Air’s Sales Office would be pleased to advise on the most suitable model from the Universal range.

Product Information

Galvanised steel construction, with stainless steel options

Opposed or parallel blade pattern

Unsealed, semi-sealed, or fully sealed option

Flanged, spigotted, sleeve or wall mounting

Manual or motorised (electric orpneumatic)

Airfoil blade option-1100 Series

Hand locking quadrant

Electrical Micro-switch

Standard Unit is supplied without side seals, sills or blade seals.

Pneumatic Actuation is also available


STANDARD UNIT:  is supplied without side seals, sills or blade seals.

SEMI-SEALED:  unit includes stainless steel side jamb seals and sills.

FULLY SEALED:  unit also includes UPVC blade seals, to maximum operating temperature of 80 degrees C.  Higher temperature seals are available - please contact the Sales Office.


Selcon bearings are fitted as standard maximum operating temperature is 80 degrees C. 

Options are:

- Oilite bearings - normal maximum operating temperature is 70 degrees C, with a high temperature version operating up to 200oC.

- Stainless steel bearings, with maximum operating temperature of either  400 degrees C or 650 degrees C, as specified

System Pressure

Standard products are suitable for use up to 1500 Pa. On request, 1000 series units can be strengthened to allow use up to 2000 Pa. Maximum velocity recommended – 15 m/s


The drive spindle position varies dependant on duct height and the number of blades – full details are available from our sales office. Drive spindle is 1/2” diameter

Drive spindles and controls are normally located on the right hand side of the damper casing, as viewed in the direction of the arrow in the above drawings.

For sizes greater than the maximum size shown, multi-module construction can be supplied. For details of the number and location of actuators for multiple sections, contact the sales office.

Within the maximum and minimum stated dimensions, increments of 25mm in height are preferred

Dependant on the model and duct height, the blades in sleeved and flanged models may protrude, when in the open position by up to 25mm on each side. Full details are available from the sales office. A deep case option, to avoid any protrusions is available.

Smoke Control

For application as a smoke damper, the use of a model with parallel blades, side seals and olite bearings is recommended

Note that the drive spindle comes through the casting direct from the drive blade – the 1000 series is therefore not suitable as a smoke damper when the damper is to be built into a wall or partition, I this case consider the Air 1200 series smoke and fire dampers