0800 Series Access Door

The standard duct access door sizes have been selected after careful study of the needs of site
engineering and maintenance personnel. Each door allows a different degree of access, enabling the most appropriate unit to be specified, depending on the type of equipment installed in the ducting, and
the likely maintenance needs.

Product Information

Choice of five ergonomic sizes.

Thermal, acoustic and fire retardant insulation.

Double skin, sandwich construction lift off doors.

Simple progressive camlock fastening.

Positive seal gasket.

Pre-punched flange holes for easy installation.  

Safety retaining chain as standard.

Oval shape for easy cut-out, template provided with each carton.

Suitable for plain and insulated ducting

Material and Specifications


Seamless one piece pressed 0.7mm galvanised mild steel


Two section construction comprising an outer panel and an inner panel, both manufactured from 0.7mm galvanised mild steel


20mminsulation, giving excellent thermal, accoustic and fire retardent characteristics


One piece, long memory,compression seal. )for use up to 80 degree C)


Progressive action zinc plated cam-lock fasteners

Retaining Chain

A safety retaining chain is fitted as standard to frame/door

460mm x 250mm   -  20 (2boxes)