Environmental Policy


Advanced Air will at all times abide by any such national and international legislation with regard to the environment throughout the undertaking of our business practices. Advanced Air during the course of our day to day procedures, will not knowingly do anything which may cause long term harm to the environment. We will not use any substance which by its use may have a detrimental effect on the environment.

Where it could be conceived that the environment could possibly be unavoidably affected in some way by our day to day procedures, then all due precaution will be taken in order to ensure that any such effect on the environment, as may be caused, will be either eliminated or kept to an absolute minimum.

All waste generated by, or as a result of work done by us, will be properly disposed of through an approved waste disposal company or agent.

Where work done by us causes any significant amount of fumes or dust, and where the generated fumes or dust could cause a nuisance or distress to others, then proper precautions will be taken to ensure any fumes or dust produced are either adequately contained or removed at source.

Any noise generated by our activities will be kept as low as possible in the prevailing circumstances. Where the generated noise should be unavoidably reach a level, which may cause a nuisance to others, then due notice will be given and due measures taken in order that the nuisance caused be minimal.

Advanced Air will, where circumstances allow, use substances which have been re-cycled and/or which can be recyled after their use.

As of 2022, we decided that Advanced Air UK Limited will become a net zero company by 2040 or sooner, in line with the Paris Agreement, in an attempt to help the planet and the global climate crisis as well as investing in a greener future for our company.

This environmental policy helps to build on our foundations, values and ethics as a company and allows us to take a detailed and cohesive approach towards reaching our green ambitions. All of our goals have been set with the aim of making a clear and positive long term change to our company, employees, customers, suppliers, other key stakeholders and ultimately to the planet.

Sustainability Policy

Our policy is to identify and systematically manage the environmental performance of our operating activities including greenhouse gas emissions and energy management, waste management, water management and air quality.

Collectivelywe have set targets and have developed a roadmap to reduce the carbon intensity (Net Carbon Footprint) of the products we design, manufacture and supply. With this structure in place, we will be able to set and reach our targets more constructively.

We have developed a roadmap (a working document that is under regular review) for our decarbonisation journey and we will be looking to implement BS 8555, thus developing an Environmental Management System (EMS), and bringing environmental considerations into our everyday decision making and day-to-day operations. From here we will look to explore ISO 14001 to further enhance our environmental performance, giving our policy maximum impact.

We are identifying suitable initiatives/investment opportunities to help reduce or remove the amount of Carbon Emissions that we produce as we aim to become a net zero company by 2050 or sooner. Our net carbon zero reduction target is based upon our baseline carbon emissions for the period June 2021 to May 2022 in association with scope 1 and 2. These initiatives/investment opportunities (IIO) include but are not limited to:

  • Implementing a more sustainable supply chain system.
  • Investing in renewable energy.
  • Investing in energy efficient plant and machinery
  • Upgrading our heating systems, as well as improving the building fabric in terms of insulation
  • Structuring our waste management system.

Our IIO are under regular review particularly with our business continually evolving and growing, together with the on-going development and improvement in green technology / systems.

In the summer of 2022 we engaged a third-party independent company to undertake a thorough carbon/energy audit of our business in order to validate our carbon emissions and provide us with a baseline figure. We have used the collated information provided by the third-party as our guide towards reducing our carbon footprint; in turn the third party have provided a number of recommendations to reducing our carbon emissions, which together are estimated to account for a 78% reduction against our baseline. In order to achieve these objectives, we have employees from our procurement and engineering department, as well as our senior management team involved in this process. Regular meetings are also held every two weeks to discuss our progress against our action plan.

We also aim to raise regular awareness and understanding of environmental issues with our employees, by communicating the role and value of our environmental policy, our progress against our net carbon road map and how our staff can contribute towards achieving our sustainability objectives.

We have also developed a TM65 library for the majority of our products and this forms part of our tech subs that accompanies our order documentation that is sent to our customers.

Sustainability is not new to Advanced Air. We have switched our usual paper supply to recycled paper and we have already upgraded 48% of all fluorescent tubes at our two sites in Thetford and replaced them with much more energy efficient LED and Low Energy lightbulbs, which has contributed to a reduction in carbon emissions of around 11.5 tonnes of CO2 per annum (equivalent to 443 trees saved). We also have a recycle system in place for all of our scrap metal products at our sites. In addition to this, our finished products are 97% recyclable at the end of their product life cycle.

With this in mind, we want to build on our small sustainability wins and instil this mindset into our culture, business decisions and everyday life.

We will continue to monitor and share our progress in support of our aim to be recognized as an industry leader for the transparency of our reporting, and work to engage with our stakeholders on environmental matters.

For and on behalf of Advanced Air (UK) Ltd

Andrew Sargent
Managing Director