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1. Enquiries

Helpfulness and product knowledge of our Sales Representative?
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How well were your order requirements interpreted?
Clarity of our quotations?
Clarity of our drawings raised when requested?

2. Order Processing/Despatch

Clarity of acknowledgements/dispatch notes?
Response to any changes arising during manufacture?
Meeting your delivery requests?
How do you rate the quality of our packaging?

3. After sales

Response received when handling your after sales enquiry?
Response when a site visit is requested?
Helpfulness and product knowledge of Site Engineers?

4. Information

How do you rate our website at
How do you rate our product literature/information?
How do you rate the quality of our product?
What improvements would you like to see to them?
5. Do you have a copy of our current catalogue?
6. What format would you prefer to receive our catalogue?
7. What products manufactured and supplied by Advanced Air are you aware of?

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9. Is there a particular area where our service to you can be improved?

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