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For over 50 years, Advanced Air has been a trusted manufacturer of energy-efficient air distribution systems and fire safety products, offering exceptional service and maintenance support. We provide performance-guaranteed energy-efficient air distribution and management products, including Fan Coil UnitsAir DiffusersGrilles and Louvres and VAV Units.



Our products are manufactured, tested, and conveniently distributed from our factory at Advanced Air, Thetford. This ensures that our systems are fully compatible with each other, ensuring full compatibility by design.

Shorter Lead Times

One of the advantages of local manufacturing is shorter lead times. By producing our products in-house, we can respond quickly to customer demands and deliver orders. Our centralised customer service ensures that your needs are promptly addressed and efficiently handled.

Energy efficiency

We take pride in our commitment to energy efficiency. Our dedicated engineering team has designed and developed the Advanced Air EPIC range of fan coil units, which not only deliver exceptional performance but also deliver significant energy savings. In fact, EPIC 280 fan coil units can offer up to 40% energy savings compared to comparable units. These impressive energy savings are exemplified by a major installation in Canary Wharf, which reported yearly savings of over £100k.

Competitive Pricing

Our focus on centralised engineering and manufacturing allows us to offer competitive prices without compromising quality. By streamlining our operations, we can deliver cost-effective solutions that meet your requirements.

"From Concept to Completion"

Advanced Air - your one-stop shop.

  • Our experienced sales team are your first point of contact.
  • Our in-house design team work with you to finalise designs
  • Your solution is manufactured to your specifications - in-house
  • Our skilled engineers can commission specialist control panel equipment once installed
  • Our after sales support team ensure the installation goes smoothly and is there to ensure all issues are managed efficiently and on time


For more information on any of our air distribution systems or other products, please contact us.

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